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Lorelei These Anal Flowers have been buried in their fertilizer for too long and now it's time they spring forth to show the world their colorful beauty. These rosebuds may not smell as good but they're way more fun.

What happens when one of XXX's nastiest and most popular nymphs, Kagney Linn Karter - gives sex advice? Complete Carnal chaos! Kagney - with a PHD in anal history - leads the couples down the road to eternal orgasmic happiness. Humorous and Super Heated - Kagney Linn Karter Superhero Sex Therapist - is a 'must have' for every porn aficionado!

Just a short train ride from Amsterdam, with its notorious red-light district, lies the Dutch industrial town of Almere with its own X-rated attraction, Studio Chelsea. This sexual fantasy retreat is a haven for rubberists, masochists and bondage lovers the world over. Each kinky playroom is crowded with Fetters costumes, restraints and SM toys imaginable! Follow our Domina Files camera crew as they tour the dungeons and bizarre medical fantasy chambers of Studio Chelsea. Witness firsthand the bizarre and unusual B D sessions between the studio’s experienced mistresses and the masochistic and fetishistic slaves who seek the pain and pleasure for which this bizarre establishment is known!

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